Whatever requirements your lifestyle may be, there's certain to be a neighborhood in Santa Barbara that will suit those needs. The area is defined by its variety in everything from topography and culture to recreational and real estate options. Whether you dream of living high up in the hills overlooking the city of Santa Barbara and Pacific Ocean, right on the beach or anywhere in between, Santa Barbara has the neighborhood for you. For a detailed outline of Santa Barbara's neighborhoods, click here for
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Finding the right school for your child is as important as finding the right home. The Santa Barbara School system offers some of the best schools in the state and the country. From nationally ranked public schools to distinguished private and boarding schools,the educational options here are as varied as your choices in real estate. To learn more about schools in Santa Barbara, click here for
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Everyone thinks of Beaches when they think of California, but anyone growing up in Santa Barbara, knows there is a big difference between Santa Barbara beaches and the rest. For the amount of wealth, unparalleled history, natural beauty and tourism, Santa Barbara is still a relatively quiet town and so are our beaches. The variety of beaches in Santa Barbara offers everyone something to do. Surfing, volleyball, barbequing, fishing, kayaking and much more. To learn more about Santa Barbara beaches, click here for more information »

 From the first Native Americans over 13,000 years to ago; today's Chumash to Portuguese explorer Jo?o Cabrilho, José de la Guerra, Jack Powers, Thomas M. Storke, John P Stearns, Hezekiah, Harold and Pearl Chase. Santa Barbara is rich in history and ancestry. To learn more about the History of Santa Barbara and its History makers click here for more information »

This coastal wonderland of mountains and ocean seems to evoke art and creativity. From nationally recognized Museums and Galleries to up and coming stars and small boutique shows, Santa Barbara is swimming in the Arts. To learn more about the Santa Barbara Art Scene and where to see Art click here for more information »

If you're bored, you obviously missed the exit to Santa Barbara. Arriving into town it's quite apparent there are lots of things to do. The Sun is out and so are the people, riding bikes and exercising on the beach, shopping, dining and sightseeing, but Santa Barbara has so much more you may not know about. To learn more about the many attractions and things to do in Santa Barbara click here for more information »

Santa Barbara has always been regarded as an Architectural haven, where some of the greatest Architects in the world have graced us with their works. Architecture plays a vital role in the landscape of Santa Barbara. For a comprehensive list of our preferred local and other noted area Architects click here for more information »

Selecting the right builder is as important as selecting the right Santa Barbara Realtor. Selecting the wrong builder for new construction or a simple remodel, can be the most expensive mistake you'll ever make. For a list of Santa Barbara's finest and most respected Builders click here for more information »

Hiring a design professional can, and should, be a good experience. It can give your home continuity, function, and beauty. And it doesn't have to go over your budget. Working with a designer can save you money in many situations by allocating resources wisely, eliminating decorating mistakes, and increasing creative thinking about your project. To see a list of our preferred Interior Designers from all over the country click here for more information »

Besides finding the right Santa Barbara Realtor, it's equally important to have knowledge of the market and area. The market changes regularly and despite the recent economy in the rest of the United States, Santa Barbara Real Estate sales still remain fast moving. Our Market data is updated regularly. If you require more specific data, don't hesitate to contact us Or to see local data on the Santa Barbara Real Estate market click here for more information »

If you don't have a great lender and you are a borrower, you are probably not going to be buying a house Santa Barbara. This is the first stop all buyers should take before looking at Real Estate. The world of lending has changed 200% and without trusting, knowledgeable and experience, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time and money.  We have worked with the best and oldest lenders in Santa Barbara for a very long time. To learn more about Santa Barbara lenders and mortgage brokers click here for more information »

Without the Organizations, Foundations and their founding heroes, Santa Barbara would simply be another Beachside community in California. The Organizations, Foundations and the people who support them are an intricate part of what has shaped this beautiful town and what to continues to preserve all that we love about Santa Barbara. For more information on Santa Barbara's Organizations and Foundations click here for more information »

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