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Raymond M. and Kevin T.

“Ever since we moved here, almost 5 years ago, from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, we have had our eye on a particular home. When we moved from our Greek revival style 1860’s house in New Orleans, we wanted a home with significant architectural appeal. In September 2006, we moved into our newly renovated home, still keeping our eye on “the house”

In 2008, the house of our dreams came on the market with Josiah & Justine representing the listing. We knew Josiah and Justine from charity functions and many mutual friends. We approached Josiah about listing our home and putting a contingent offer on the house of our dreams. At that time, it seemed like an impossible feat.

In December 2008, nearly a year after we had first put our home on the market, we got our first competitive offer. With a year of open houses, showings, and offers from unrealistic buyers, Josiah strongly negotiated an acceptable offer that made “the house” a possibility. After a year of a sluggish market, we as buyers and the seller had got more realistic about what our homes were worth. The next step was to get the seller to accept an offer that we were able to afford. This is when Josiah performed a miracle with his strong negotiation skills and got the owner to agree to a price we could afford. Needless to say, we have now been in our “dream house” six months and we could not be happier. Thanks to Josiah and Justine our dream is now a reality!”

Raymond M. and Kevin T.
New Orleans/Palm Springs